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"...You know, I could probably adapt the smaller actuators for surgical work, or build a new set geared towards that..." Only one thing could distract Dr. Octavius from catching up on eating, and that's thoughts of a new science project. His new co-worker has brought inspiration, and even though they're in the cafeteria now, it's clear the Doctor's mind is still back in the lab.

There is, among the cafeteria workers at the far end of the room, a subtle ripple of gossip from someone else who's just come in. Dr. Octavius is oblivious, lost in thoughts of designing new arms, but something's up. Nobody seems to see any reason to share that with the scientists, however, until the warning klaxon starts abruptly, loud enough to break through any train of thought.

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"Oh, no." Abe was on his feet in moments, food forgotten, eyes wider in panic. "The shelters. They hadn't shown them to me, I got distracted--"

Fool, fool. You're near the ocean. The shelters are the first place you located.

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Definitely, of course. No reason to worry. Abe lets himself be led, trying to feign calm. His experience lies in the aftereffects of a kaiju attack, not being the epicenter of one, and it's hard not to picture an oncoming creature more massive than a skyscraper.

"Very reasonable. Are there are other protocols or do we just hunker down?"

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"Everything needs a redundancy plan," Abe mutters, less distrustful of Otto's systems and more worried about the world itself conspiring to betray them. It's only strongly inbred courtesy that lets him pause to let Otto pass before him through the thick metal gateway surrounding the shelter doors.

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"Well, as long as they have a plan." Abe shuffles in place and stares up at the ceiling, wishing he could see what was happening outside the walls. He's no Newton Geiszler but you can't work with kaiju remains and not feel the urge to watch the creations while they are alive, massive mountains of flesh and bone spur crashing through the waves with impossible power behind every step.

"I suppose it's nice to have work available so soon, right?" he asks, with a completely falsifed nervous laugh. He may have even used the word "Ha".

i keep forgetting to come back to these

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There's a part of Abe that desperately wants to run topside and see the battle for himself. To see a live kaiju, to see the way its muscles move beneath its skin and eyes flare with life, to see it before its blood is spilled instead of after. It must be beautiful, the way a hurricane is beautiful.

But then there's the part that remembers men like Dr. Connors, and his ambitions are quickly squashed. He looks upward, still huddling. "How long do these usually take?"

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The thought comforts Abe until the battle ceases and the all-clear alerts sound. The fight was shorter than usual, as the kaiju was a mere Category 2 against an experienced set of Jaeger partners.

"Time to go to work," says Abe, finally relaxing. A relieved grin is in his voice, though his face is unable to communicate it.

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"Think of it as tinkering with a machine that is the only one of its kind. I want to find out how it works, how to limit the harm it causes, perhaps how to use the information we gather from it to enhance our own machines." No one understood the wonder of kidneys as large as houses...Newton Geiszler, perhaps, but Abe was not so far gone as to actually etch the monsters onto his flesh. (He had no idea how ink might show up in his skin, anyway.)

Abe waited for Otto out of courtesy, but he was clearly itching to get to the "machine" as fast as possible.

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Abe had been using 'machine' as a metaphor, but he was excited enough to keep running with this as he heads out to the boat. "Imagine what kind of systems must keep something that huge moving--the blood, the nervous system, the brain, the musculature! The Blue itself is toxic but that does not mean it's without use either."

He's heading at the fastest walk his long legs can offer him, hands waving giddily. When they make it to the boats he starts rattling off orders of what equipment to move and what precautions to take, in between continuing to ramble about the medical applications of kaiju research.

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Abe is in the nerd zone right now and far too excited to pay attention to social cues.

"Oh, you can't apply a slab of kaiju flesh to your arm to cure exczema, any more than tiger's blood will cure cancer. It doesn't work that way. But studying the structure, the biological processes, that is where the true value comes from. It's a delicate process, made even more precarious by how few specimens we can get our hands on." He leans over the side as they approach the kaiju's body, half-submurged in the shallows. It's a Category 2, not the largest Abe's dealt with, but all kaiju are their own level of impressive.

"And each specimen is unique!" he yells over the sound of the waves and the boat's motor. "It never gets boring!"


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